The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about cultural opportunities for out-of-town BWWC conference attendees. As we approach the conference, I thought I might use this blog to expand on one or two of these opportunities.

Today’s featured institution: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In addition to the many 18th and 19th century British paintings and drawings in the European Paintings, Drawings and Prints, Modern and Contemporary Art, and Robert Lehman collections, there is a lot here for scholars of material history. Of particular interest is the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Collection, of which I took several photos during my last trip to the museum.

Fan  Snuffboxes 2 Ornamental Box Tea Set

As the pictures suggest, these collections often feature beautiful, yet everyday objects that were important in women’s lives.

One of the most unique things the museum has to offer is its collection of European home interiors, which runs from the 16th through the 18th centuries. The Annie Laurie Aitken Galleries are comprised of three intact rooms from 18th century English homes, the Tapestry Room from Croome Court (Gallery 516), The Kirtlington Park Room (Gallery 519), and the Landsowne Roome.

Room 1

The Tapestry Room

Also, be sure to check out the temporary exhibits, Elaborate Embroidery: Fabrics for Menswear before 1815, and China Through the Looking Glass, which examines the history of the West’s engagement with and appropriation of Chinese imagery in fashion! Stay tuned for more posts about cultural opportunities in NYC!


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