Wednesday, June 24th
5:30-6:30: Berg Collection Visit
Stephen A Schwartzman Building, 5th Ave at 42nd St.
7:00-9:00: Pre-Conference Reception at the CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Avenue at 34th Street , Skylight Room (9-100)
Thursday, June 25th
8-8:30: Coffee and Fruit
Komoda Room Austen’s Networks: Brothers, Sisters, and Friends
Moderator: Rachel Brownstein (CUNY Graduate Center and Brooklyn College, CUNY)
Libby Bagno-Simon (University of Haifa), “‘She Was Everything Herself:’ The Questionable Value of Female Friendship in Emma”
Talia Vestri Croan (Boston University), “Building the Bildung of Sisterhood in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Alice Villaseñor (Medaille College), “From Abolition to Cross-Dressing: Relating Jane Austen’s Novels to Austen Family Politics”
1st Floor Board Room Significant Others: Writing Animal Relations
Moderator: Kimberly Cox (SUNY Stony Brook)
Stephen Spencer (CUNY Graduate Center), “Cavendish’s HumAnimals and the Borders of Modernity”
Matt Margini (Columbia University), “Canine Catholicism in Michael Field’s Whym Chow: Flame of Love
Margaret S. Kennedy (Stony Brook University), “The Creed of Kinship: Human-Animal Relations in Gaskell’s Cousin Phillis and Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss”
2nd Floor Common Room Fantasies and Phantasm
Moderator: Mimi Winick (Rutgers University)
Rebecca Soares (Arizona State University), “Ghostly Relations: Margaret Oliphant and the Place of the Dead in the Global Nineteenth Century”
Elizabeth Harris McCormick (Suffolk County Community College), “Wiffmannwolves in Fin de Siecle Fantastic Literature”
Shannon Drauker (Boston University), “Musicality, Corporeality, and the Disruption of Spatiotemporal Relations in Vernon Lee’s ‘A Wicked Voice’”
9:45-10:10: Coffee and Bagels
Komoda Room Open Relationships: Women Writers and Their Collaborators
Moderator: Lizzie McCormick (Suffolk County Community College)
Mimi Winick (Rutgers University), “Scholarly Collaboration for a Feminist New Age: ‘World-wide relations’ in Jane Harrison’s and Jessie Weston’s Alternative Histories”
Melisa Klimaszewski (Drake University), “Collaborative Relations: Harriet Parr, Charles Dickens, and Textual Madness”
Sean O’Toole (Baruch College, CUNY), “Morrígans, Man-Eaters, and Curious Sons: Queer Relations in Somerville and Ross”
1st Floor Board Room Family Affairs
Moderator: Eileen Gillooly (Columbia University)
Lauren Pinkerton (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Fathers, Daughters, and Wives: Incest and the Fairy-Tale Narrative in Mary Shelley’s Mathilda
Constance Fulmer (Pepperdine University), “Relationships Between Daughters and Long-Lost Fathers in George Eliot’s Fiction”
David Sigler (University of Calgary), “Oedipal Relations as Temporal Relations in Mary Hays’s The Victim of Prejudice
2nd Floor Common Room Colonial Consequences
Moderator: Linda Van Netten Blimke (Concordia University College of Alberta)
Patricia A. Matthew (Montclair State University), “‘Belle’: in Context/ ‘Belle’ in the Classroom: Female Sentimentality, Sugar, and British Abolitionist Literature”
Katelyn Porubsky (University of South Carolina​), “‘Little Natives’: Scenes of Sympathy as Contact Zones in Caroline Norton’s A Voice from the Factories
Paula R. Feldman (University of South Carolina), “Williams’s “Peru”: Connecting Britain with Spain, France, and the Americas”
Komoda Room Quotations and Appropriations
Moderator: Maura Spiegel (Columbia University)
Mike Goode (Syracuse University), “‘All this must be invention, and invention is what delights me in other books’: Jane Austen and Fan Historiography”
Emma Graner (Duke University), “Adam Bede’s Challenge to Miltonic Autonomy: Implied Consent and Contractual Relations”
1st Floor Board Room Parlour Politics
Moderator: Mary McGlynn (Baruch College, CUNY)
Julie Donovan (George Washington University),  “Ireland’s Encroachment on Highbury”
Heather Hannaford (University of Nebraska at Omaha), “‘Spies’ of the Domestic Sphere: Female Engagement with Empiricism in Evelina and The Female Spectator
Maggie Nerio (University of Texas-San Antonio), “Private Sentiment, Political Emotion: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Love Letters”
2nd Floor Common Room Replotting Marriage: Conjugal Relations with a Twist
Moderator: Yael Shapira (Bar-Ilan University)
Yael Shapira (Bar-Ilan University), “Gothic Wedlock: Beyond the Radcliffe ‘Formula’”
Ilana Blumberg (Bar-Ilan University), “Failed Marriages, Flawed Marriages: Nineteenth-Century Rewritings of the ‘Marriage Plot’”
Colleen Cusick (CUNY Graduate Center), “Spinsterhood Hinders a Woman’s Development: LB Walford and the Conservative Debt to Mona Caird”
1-2:15: Lunch (on your own)
1st Floor Board Room Everything Eliot
Moderator: Constance Fulmer (Pepperdine University)
Cristina Richieri Griffin (University of California, Los Angeles), “When Narrators Meet Characters: Sympathetic Narrators and Omniscient Narration in George Eliot’s Early Fiction”
Michael Shelichach (CUNY Graduate Center), “‘Unvisited Tombs’: George Eliot’s Relation to Language in Middlemarch
Amber Shaw (Coe College), “The ‘Delicate Vessels’ and Transatlantic Relations of George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda
2nd Floor Common Room The Book of Love: Courting Conventions in the 19th Century
Moderator: Catherine Welter (University of New Hampshire)
Yoam Yoreh (University of Toronto), “Flirting with Fiction: Sexual Literacy in Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote
Ashley Cross (Manhattan College), “Kiss and Tell: Romantic Women Writers and the Ephemeral Kiss Poem”
Abigail Burnham Bloom (Hunter College, CUNY), “Geraldine Jewsbury: Courtship in her Novels and Life”
3:30-4:00: Afternoon Coffee and Snacks
Komoda Room Imagining an Other
Moderator: Henna Messina (University of Georgia)
Ben P. Robertson (Troy University), “International Relations and the Hermeneutics of Identity in Elizabeth Inchbald’s Nature and Art
Doreen Thierauf (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Rape and the Pleasures of Spectacle in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ‘The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim’s Point’”
Elizabeth Lambert (College of Charleston in South Carolina), “Rites of Passage in Lady Mary Montagu’s The Turkish Embassy Letters
1st Floor Board Room The Bro Code: Women Writing Men
Moderator: Catherine Robson (New York University)
Cayla Eagon (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Caring Men and Relational Masculinity in Mary Barton
Jessica Kane (Michigan State University), “A Man’s Home is His Castle?: Questioning Masculinity in Margaret Oliphant’s Chronicles of Carlingford
Emily Sferra (Ohio University), “Benevolent Masculinity and the Marriage State: An Examination of the Chivalric Mentor in Two Novels”
2nd Floor Common Room Designing Women
Moderator: Caolan Madden (Rutgers University)
Patricia Zakreski (University of Exeter), “Charlotte Yonge: Design and the Art of Fiction”
Mary Anne Myers (Independent Scholar), “Words by Felicia Hemans, Image by Thomas Cole”
Catherine Engh (CUNY Graduate Center), “Satirizing the Women of Fashion in Austen’s Early Novels and Gillray’s Caricature Prints”
5:15-6:00: Opening Reception
501 Scherm-erhorn Hall 6:30-8:00: Keynote Address from Mary Jean Corbett
(Miami University)
“‘Ashamed of the Inkpot’: Virginia Woolf, Lucy Clifford, and the Literary Marketplace”
Friday, June 26th
8-8:30: Coffee and Fruit
Komoda Room Romantic Autonomy: Austen, Burney, Hayes
Moderator: Holly Fling (University of Georgia)
Henna Messina (University of Georgia), “Articulating Autonomy: Expressions of Sensibility in Mary Hayes and Jane Austen”
Rachel Stern (Harvard University), “Epistolarity, Agency, Audience: A Young Lady’s Entrance into the World in Burney and Austen”
1st Floor Board Room Interesting Itineraries: Women Abroad
Moderator: Pamela Corpron Parker (Whitworth University)
Michael Rumore (CUNY Graduate Center), “‘The Maori, the Tourist, and Nothing in Between’: The Failure of Cosmopolitanism in Katherine Mansfield’s Early New Zealand Stories”
Jane S. Gabin (United Nations International School), “American Observers of Victorian London:  Elizabeth Banks and Pearl Craigie”
Linda Van Netten Blimke (Concordia University College of Alberta), “Sympathetic Relations in the National Community in Mary Morgan’s A Tour to Millford Haven, 1791
2nd Floor Common Room Portraits of Ladies
Moderator: Petra Clark (University of Delaware)
Angela Runciman (Binghamton University), “The ‘Work’ of Art in the Age of George Eliot”
Diana Bellonby (Vanderbilt University), “Sitting for a Master: Women and Victorian Magic-Portrait Fiction”
Hatley Clifford (West Virginia University), “Letitia Landon’s Objectification of Woman: A Feminine Ekphrasis”
9:45-10:10: Coffee and Bagels
Komoda Room Not by the Book: Late Victorian Religious Experience
Moderator: Marion Thain (New York University)
Mia Chen (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Robert Elsmere and Relations of Non-Relation”
Frederick Roden (University of Connecticut), “Unorthodox Judaisms: The Late-Victorian Convert or Proselyte”
1st Floor Board Room Catalogues and Calculations
Moderator: Gerhard Joseph (CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College, CUNY)
Sierra Eckert (Columbia University), “Systems and Sympathy: George Eliot’s Sociology of Information Technologies”
Courtney Weiss Smith (Wesleyan University), “Relating to Math, Relating to Women: The Poetry of the Early Eighteenth-Century Ladies Diary”
Kirstyn J. Leuner (Dartmouth College), “Over His Dead Body?: Stainforth’s Use of Print and His Manuscript Library Catalogue”
2nd Floor Common Room Re-Conceptualizing Marital Relations in the Bronte Novels
Moderator: Elizabeth Meadows (Vanderbilt University)
Beth Lau (California State University, Long Beach), “Troubled Relations: The Failed-Marriage Plot in the Bronte Novels”
Lauren Hoffer (University of South Carolina, Beaufort), “Freedom in Isolation: Remarriage in the Brontes’ Major Novels”
Andrew Doub (Brigham Young University – Idaho), “‘I Could do with Less Caressing’: Sexual Violence in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Komoda Room The Children’s Hour
Moderator: Elizabeth Veisz (Bridgewater State University)
Petra Clark (University of Delaware), “High Art but ‘not necessarily high-and-dry art’: Lucy Crane and the Teaching of Taste”
Donna Paparella (Hunter College, CUNY), “Writing Mothers/Absent Children: Ellen Weeton’s Diary”
Donelle Ruwe (Northern Arizona University), “The Revealed Supernatural: Ann Taylor’s ‘The Hard Post’ and the Problem of Gothic Children’s Verse”
1st Floor Board Room Curtain Call: Victorian Theatre and Theatricality
Moderator: Anna Clark (Iona College)
Victoria Wiet (Columbia University), “Public Relations: Theatre as an Intimate Space in Victorian Women’s Lifewriting”
Kate Newey (University of Exeter), “Still ‘Relative Creatures’? Gender and English Melodrama”
Heather Fitzsimmons Frey (University of Toronto), “Florence Bell’s Fairy Tale Plays and her Daughter Molly: Family Relations and Relational Agency”
2nd Floor Common Room Stories of an African Farm
Moderator: Angharad Eyre (Independent Scholar)
Anita Turlington (University of North Georgia), “New Woman Novels and the Ethical Moment”
Benjamin Hudson (University of Georgia), “Curious Bedfellows: The New Woman and the Invert in Olive Schreiner’s Story of an African Farm
Catherine Welter (University of New Hampshire), “Lady Philosophy and Beatrice Revised: Olive Schreiner’s Feminist Re-working of Traditional Spiritual Guides in The Story of an African Farm
1-2:15: Lunch (on your own)
Komodo Room Studying Abroad: Women and the Empire
Moderator: Swapna Banerjee (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
Matthew Leporati (Fordham University), “Social Class, Conversion, and Colonialism in Ann Yearsley’s ‘Brutus’”
Lauren Bailey (CUNY Graduate Center), “Fruits of Empire: Female Consumption of Foreign Goods in Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’ and Dickens’ ‘Perils of Certain English Prisoners’”
1st Floor Board Room Dialogic Exchanges in the Brontes
Moderator: Lauren Hoffer (University of South Carolina, Beaufort)
Anna Clark (Iona College), “Lucy and the Minor Heroines: Dialogic Influence in Villette”
Rebecca Beach (University of Kentucky), “Jane Eyre: ‘Questioner and Caviller’”
Kate Lawson (University of Waterloo), “A Sequel to Wuthering Heights: Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley
2nd Floor Common Room Relating to Readers: From Reader Response Criticism to Literary Darwinism
Moderator: Natalie Mera Ford (Saint Joseph’s University)
Sheila Bauer-Gatsos (Dominican University), “Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, and the Cognitivists”
Drew Carson (Dominican University), “The Literary Darwinists Graph Jane Austen”
Ellen McManus (Dominican University), “The Reader Response Critics, The Feminist Critics, and 19th-Century Women Novelists”
3:30-4:00: Afternoon Coffee and Snacks
4:30-5:30: Pforzheimer Collection Visit
Stephen A Schwartzman Building, 5th Ave at 42nd St.
4:00-6:00: Roundtables
Komoda Room Violent Relations: Intimacy Gone Wrong
Moderator: Erin Spampinato (CUNY Graduate Center)
Erin Spampinato (CUNY Graduate Center), “Threat of Rape/Threat of Rake: The Seduction Counter-Plot in Mansfield Park
Elisa Jane Boyton (CUNY Graduate Center), “Ouida’s Moths: Motherhood as Commodity in the Sensation Novel”
Laura Eldridge (CUNY Graduate Center), “‘Risking Something — not her neck’: Matrimonial Law, Domestic Abuse, and Affective Realism in Daniel Deronda
Ronjaunee Chatterjee (University of California, Los Angeles), “‘Golden Head by Golden Head’: Sisterhood and Singularity in Christina Rossetti’s Speaking Likenesses and ‘Goblin Market’”
Jennifer Martinsen (Newberry College), “‘Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge’: The Role of Humor and Shame in Northanger Abbey
Nora Gilbert (University of North Texas), “Fugitive Relations: The Runaway Woman Subplot in Jane Austen’s Fiction”
1st Floor Board Room Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Moderators: Harriet Kramer Linkin (New Mexico State University) and Kate Singer (Mount Holyoke College)
Noah Comet (U.S. Naval Academy), “Landon in Conversation”
Roxanne Eberle (University of Georgia), “Letitia Elizabeth Landon’s ‘minstrel annals’”
Jacqueline Labbe (University of Sheffield), “Teaching Glocal Landon”
Harriet Kramer Linkin (New Mexico State University), “Landon the Equivocal Canonizer”
Kate Singer (Mount Holyoke College), “Scalar Landon”
2nd Floor Common Room Critical Relations: Bronte Scholarship and Interventions in Victorian Studies
Organizers: Lauren Hoffer (University of South Carolina – Beaufort) and Elizabeth Meadows  (Vanderbilt University)
Moderators: Talia Schaffer (CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY) and Deborah Denenholz Morse (College of William and Mary)
Dana Woodcock (The University of Washington), “Creating Bertha: Jane Eyre‘s Epistemology of Madness”
Flora Armetta (Stella & Charles Guttman Community College, CUNY), “‘Dear as Friends’: Accomplishment, Art, and Reciprocity in Charlotte Bronte”
Patricia Bredar (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Dreaming of Dawn: Time and Landscape in Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley
Elizabeth M. Cuddy (Hampton University), “Playing with History in the Bronte Juvenilia”
Deborah Denenholz Morse (College of William and Mary), “Reimagining Emily Bronte in Mary Sinclair’s The Three Sisters, Jane Urquhart’s Changing Heaven, Stevie Davies’s Four Dreamers and Emily, and Denise Giardina’s Emily’s Ghost
6:30-9:00: Banquet at Harlem Tavern
2153 Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 116th Street
Announcement of BWWA Travel Awards
BWWC 2016 Introductions
Saturday, June 27th
8-8:30: Coffee and Fruit
Komoda Room Growing Pains: Navigating Girlhood
Moderator: Talia Schaffer (CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY)
Michaela Vance (Stockholm University), “‘The Ruin of Half the Unmarried Women in England’: Educational Methods in Frances Brooke’s Lady Julia Mandeville and The Old Maid
Rose O’Malley (CUNY Graduate Center), “Broad Relations: Darwin and Sisters in the Nineteenth-Century Novel”
Elissa Myers (CUNY Graduate Center), “To vent my spleen against and show my hatred to all those people whose parts or principles do not suit with mine’: Sadistic Humor in Jane Austen’s Juvenilia and Mature Novels”
1st Floor Board Room Foreign Exchanges: Anglo-American Conversations
Moderator: Jane S. Gabin  (United Nations International School)
Tara Menon (New York University), “Penniless Child Turned Dutiful Daughter: An Ocean of Difference in Hannah More’s ‘The Lancashire Collier Girl’”
Gregory Specter (University of Missouri), “Stowe, Edgeworth, and the Historical Novel”
Amanda Sharick (University of California, Riverside), “‘But your great sympathy…prompts me to write to you’: Transatlantic Anglo-American Jewish Women Writers in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries”
2nd Floor Common Room Space Exploration: Rethinking Character and Space
Moderator: Karen Dutoi (University of Tulsa)
Derek Bedenbaugh (University of South Carolina), “‘One of the few scatted on the edge’: Bartle Massey and Subversive Character Spaces in Adam Bede
Cory Sampson (University of Ottawa), “‘Pretty Dwellings’: Millenium Hall, Lowell, and the Genealogy of Pseudo-Domestic Female Working Community”
Danielle Spratt (California State University, Northridge), “Entailing Salomon’s House: Modes of Materiality and Spaces of Science in Cowley, Cavendish, and King”
9:45-10:10: Coffee and Bagels
Komoda Room Myriad Relations in the Life and Works of Frances Burney (1752-1840)
Moderator: Victoria Warren (Binghamton University)
Teri Doerksen (Mansfield University), “Selling Evelina to the Public: How Illustrations in Burney’s Evelina Market the Book and the Heroine”
Lorna J. Clark (Carleton University), “Gender, Money, and Class: The Intersection between Sexual and Economic Relations in Frances Burney’s Court Journal
Geoffrey Sill (Rutgers University), “Frances Burney and the Real ‘Man of Feeling’”
Alicia Kerfoot (SUNY Brockport), “The Leftovers of Dress in Camilla; or, what can Princess Sophia’s Heliotrope Shoes tell us about Camilla’s Lilac Uniform?”
1st Floor Board Room Our Nations, Ourselves: Women Writing Social History
Moderator: Greg Vargo (New York University)
Pamela Corpron Parker (Whitworth University), “The ‘Stuff’ of Legends: The Material Afterlives of Elizabeth Barrett Browning ”
Robert C. Petersen (Middle Tennessee State University), “Elizabeth Strickland’s Life of Mary II (1847): Rereading the Glorious Revolution from the Perspective of a Victorian Woman Historian”
Elizabeth Way (Wake Forest University), “Narrating ‘Line[s] of Connection’ in Helen Maria Williams’s Letters Written in France in the Summer of 1790
2nd Floor Common Room Being Patient: Medical Discourse in the 19th Century
Moderator: Meechal Hoffman (CUNY Graduate Center)
Rachel Ablow (University at Buffalo, SUNY), “Hypochondria: Femininity and the Failure of Relationship”
Erin Wilson (Loyola University Maryland), “‘Let Herbert Doctor You’: The Doctor/Patient Relationship in Braddon’s ‘Good Lady Ducayne’”
April Patrick (Fairleigh Dickinson University), “Patient Relations: The Value of Family in Facing Breast Cancer”
Komoda Room All About Eve
Moderator: Carolyn Williams (Rutgers University)
Ashly Bennett (Haverford College), “‘Trances Themselves Entrancing’: Sedgwick, Braddon, and the Relationality of Rapt Reading”
Christopher Stokes (University of Exeter), “‘To an Infant’: Negotiating Relation in the Verse of Maternity”
Chloe Flower (New York University), “‘Interior Design’: Doll’s House and Tenement in Octavia Hill’s Eyes”
1st Floor Board Room Cover Girls: Women and the Periodical Press
Moderator: Kirstyn J. Leuner (Dartmouth College)
Katie Lanning (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Maxim-izing Sophia: Sisters and Readers in Charlotte Lennox’s Lady’s Museum
Constance Walker (Carleton College), “A Ménage à trois at the Monthly Museum
Greg Vargo (New York University), “‘Firebrands among an ignorant population’: Frances Trollope’s Condition-of-England Fiction and the Radical Press”
2nd Floor Common Room Hour Hand: Keeping Victorian Time
Moderator: Ronjaunee Chatterjee  (University of California, Los Angeles)
Nell Stevens (King’s College London), “Excavating Desire: Roman time, Roman dreams, and Elizabeth Gaskell’s story of the face”
Holly Fling (University of Georgia), “Time Marches Forward (or Does It?): Reworking Temporality in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh
William Hughes (University of California, Davis), “The Disorientation and Delay of Everyday Life: Middlemarch’s Anxious, Slow Time”
1-2:15: Lunch (on your own)
BWWA Annual Board Meeting
Komodo Room Entering the World: Burney and her Heroines
Moderator: Andrew Dicus (CUNY Graduate Center)
Elizabeth Porter (Fordham University), “Novel Heroines in London: Frances Burney’s Evelina and Cecilia
Suzanna Geiser (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “To Protect and Maintain, To Honor and Obey: Exploring the Terms of Legal Guardianship in Frances Burney’s Cecilia
Stephanie Hershinow (Baruch College, CUNY), “Love from Scratch: Burney, Camilla, and the Appeals of Inexperience”
1st Floor Board Room Desperate, Disastrous, Denied: Victorian Discourses of Pregnancy and Maternity
Moderator: Livia Woods (CUNY Graduate Center)
Lana Dalley (California State University, Fullerton), “‘Thick, Sour Pap, and other Abominations’: Late-Victorian Attitudes about Mothers and Milk”
Kellie Holzer (Virginia Wesleyan College), “Child-dropping and infanticide in 1860s fiction and news”
Natalie Mera Ford (Saint Joseph’s University), “Haunting Infertility in Shirley, Felix Holt, and Mid-19th-Century Medicine”
2nd Floor Common Room Follow Me: Women Authors and Influence
Moderator: Deborah Logan (Western Kentucky University)
Anne Longmuir (Kansas State University), “Recovering a Friendship: Elizabeth Gaskell and John Ruskin”
Tamar Heller (University of Cincinnati), “Ladies with Secrets: Lady de Winter, Lady Audley, and Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Intertextual Relation to Alexandre Dumas”
Catherine Keohane (Montclair State University), “‘But to Return to the Subject of My Letter’: Hannah More’s Flattery of Elizabeth Montagu in her Public Introduction of Ann Yearsley”
3:30-4:00: Afternoon Coffee and Snacks
Komoda Room The Nature of Nurture
Moderator: Kellie Holzer (California State University, Fullerton)
Heather Braun (University of Akron), “Augusta Webster and the Only Child Debate”
Anna MacDonald (University of Ottawa), “Goblin Markets, Milk Markets, and the Perils of Fluid Exchange”
Angela Monsam (Fordham University), “Breeding Fears: Reproduction and Wollstonecraft’s Rhetoric of Reform in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
1st Floor Board Room TransAtlantic Abolitionism: 19th-Century Women’s Collaborative Relations
Moderator: Carolyn Berman (The New School)
Deborah Logan (Western Kentucky University), “Transatlantic Relations: Chapman’s Memorials and Martineau’s Autobiography
Lee Chambers (University of Colorado at Boulder), “Transatlantic Relations: Martineau’s ‘Martyr Age of the United States’ and Chapman’s Activism
2nd Floor Common Room Goth Girls: Radcliffian Relations
Moderator: Stephanie Hershinow (Baruch College, CUNY)
Elizabeth J. Mathews (University of California, Irvine), “Enabling Inhumanity: Radcliffe’s Italian and Structural Indifference”
Olivia Loksing Moy (Lehman College, CUNY), “Gothic Relations and Radcliffian Cliches: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti, and the Gothic Heroine as Elegiac Sonneteer”
Elizabeth Veisz (Bridgewater State University), “Fragments, Abstracts, and Miniatures: Solving the Mysteries of Kinship in Ann Radcliffe’s A Sicilian Romance
Komoda Room “Touching Feeling”: Writing Bodies
Moderator: Lindsay Lehman (CUNY Graduate Center)
Kimberly Cox (SUNY Stony Brook), “Tactile Relations: Handling Eroticism, Negotiating Desire”
Lindsay Lehman (CUNY Graduate Center), “’No pain while I am quiet’: The Making and Unmaking of Sanditon
Molly Livingston (Georgia State University), “‘If words had been all…’: The Conversive Power of Touch in George Eliot’s Middlemarch and Mary Augusta Ward’s Sir George Tressady
1st Floor Board Room Dear Diary: Relations of Form, Process, and Self throughout the 19th Century
Moderator: Anita Turlington (University of North Georgia)
Heather Bozant Witcher (Saint Louis University), “‘With me’: Making Space for Mary in the Godwin/Shelley Elopement Journals”
Lynn M. Linder (West Virginia Wesleyan College), “Diaries and Detection: ‘Finding’ the Self and Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s  Henry Dunbar
Lisieux M. Huelman (Saint Louis University), “Fear and Loathing in Surrey: George Eliot’s Life Writing and the Production of Daniel Deronda
2nd Floor Common Room Dollars, Epistemologies, and $ensibilities
Moderator: Nora Nachumi  (Stern College/Yeshiva University)
Brendan Moore (Coe College), “Papa, Can You Read Me?: Finding Gay and Jewish Becomings in Daniel Deronda
Patricia Frank (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Solitude as a Social Field in Jane Austen’s Persuasion
Colin Carman (Colorado Mesa University), “Mary Shelley’s Cottage Industries: the Family Ecology of Maurice and Valperga
Theresa Adams (Westminster College), “Engagements and Epistemology in Sense and Sensibility
501 Schermerhorn Hall 7:00-8:30: Keynote Address from Nancy Yousef
(CUNY Graduate Center and Baruch College, CUNY)
“‘Emotions that reason deepens’: Immediacy, Affect, Second Thoughts”

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